22, student at VCUarts, wannabe illustrator. ginger gal living in richmond VA.


straw embroidery

Embroiderers’ Guild of Victoria


Japanese Poster: Tokyo Girl Tezukuri-so. 2013


Scott McKelvey, These are a Few of my Favorite things


Tryna resist the urge not to chop all of my hair again.

People subtweeting me and saying terrible things about me on Twitter hits me more than a few ways: first, I straight up feel bad for the person in question. What a miserable life you must lead if the only thing you have to divert yourself from reality is the incessant slandering of other people. Second, I feel like this should not phase me, especially since most of the insults were looks-based and none of that shit really matters anyway… yet it still does. I don’t like having bad blood with people, even pathetic people. How can I ever be a successful art director or mom if I care about everything people have to say about me? sigh.


Bobbin Lace 

Embroiderers’ Guild of Victoria


The Laughing Heart - Charles Bukowski
I’ve been dreaming up this little guy for years, and finally brought it to life. 

done by Charlie at ThoughtCrime Tattoo in Portland, OR.


windowsill by natalie burton


Voider Sun
Voider Sun’s canvases contain a perfect balance of dark and light, crisp chiaroscuro cresting to moon-like expanses of luminescence; dense with nature and symbol—nature as symbol—each piece is a deeply heady look into human heads, psyches cracked cold, cores revealed in gauzy space.


Magical Log